Image of The Killing Moon (Dreamblood)


Image of The Killing Moon (Dreamblood)

An engaging and fast-paced read with some truly excellent and complicated worldbuilding, The Killing Moon is the first of two planned books. Ehiru and Nijiri are complicated and interesting characters, and the way Jemisin slowly reveals the workings of their religion and what it means to be corrupt make for an absolutely fascinating read.

Devoted to the dream-goddess Hananja, the desert city of Gujaareh is at peace and has been so for hundreds of years. Priests of Hananja, known as Gatherers, travel the city at night harvesting the final dreams of the dying. It is one of these priests, Ehiru, who discovers that things are not as peaceful in Gujaareh as they seem. Along with his apprentice, Nijiri, he must do everything he can to stop the city from falling into war. After Ehiru and Nijiri discover that the corruption of their city is not confined to the palace but also within the temple of Hananja herself, they travel to the neighboring state of Kisua to collect more information. What they discover there will change Gujaareh forever. (ORBIT, May, 448 pp., $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
Natalie A. Luhrs