Image of A Killing Notion: A Magical Dressmaking Mystery


Image of A Killing Notion: A Magical Dressmaking Mystery

Harlow is back and ready to dig into another murder. Bourbon has done a great job with the plot and characters, and the mystery surrounding the murder is fascinating. Readers will find themselves trying to guess what happens, but will end up shocked at the conclusion. With each series installment, Bourbon gets better.

Harlow Jane Cassidy is helping local teens by making some of the traditional handmade mums that high schoolers wear during homecoming, including one for Gracie, Harlow’s boyfriend’s daughter. Also on her plate is designing and making two girls’ dresses for the big dance through a local charity. When Gracie’s date, football player Shane, is said to be responsible for his father’s death in a car accident, Harlow decides to help clear Shane’s name by finding the real killer. Will she be able to solve the crime — and get everything else done — before the big game? (OBSIDIAN, Apr., 320 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Wilson