Private eye Louis Kincaid is nervous about his first date with public defender Susan Outlaw. He has known her a long time, but she only recently agreed to make their professional relationship personal. His plans for an at-home dinner with Susan and her son, Ben, are interrupted by the unexpected appearance of Susan's estranged husband, Austin. Because Ben is thrilled to see his dad, Susan fights to hide her anger about Austin's unannounced visit.

A few days later, Austin takes Ben out for lunch, and when he fails to bring him home, Susan is sure that Austin has abducted Ben. Louis sets off to track them down. The stakes rise to fever pitch when Austin's business partner is found murdered. Austin—and Ben, by proximity—could be the next victims.

The desperate search for Ben crisscrosses southern Florida, leading Louis into dark nether regions of crime that tourists never see. This pleasant story tests the power of love, friendship and commitment and is sure to entertain from start to finish. (Feb., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jo Peters