Forensic psychologist Fiona Cameron is haunted by the few mistakes shes made in analyzing cases, for she feels that every failure is a disappointment to her murdered sister, Lesley. When a case that she worked on ends in disaster because of police ineptitude, she buries herself with a murder investigation in Toledo, Spain.

The Spanish murder case is a tricky one, requiring all of her powers of concentration, until her lover, thriller writer Kit Martin, brings her news of the murder of a fellow mystery writer. Fiona takes an interest in this because not only did Kit know the dead man, but he has also received a threatening letter.

When another mystery writer is killed, and then another, the matter must be taken very seriously. Fiona lends her expertise to the police investigation but even she is not prepared for the twists the case will take nor the toll it will take on her.

Brooding and suspenseful, KILLING THE SHADOWS is a worthy follow up to last years A Place of Execution. Val McDermid spins a deft tale of murder and madness and turns the screws in such a manner as to make the suspense almost excruciating! (Available now, 423 pp., $24.95 ) To

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg