Image of The Killing Song


Image of The Killing Song

The fast-paced suspense and creepy villain in The Killing Song should be enough to keep readers from quibbling that the women are too gullible and the hero may be a little too arrogant in pushing himself into the police investigations. The hero does eventually decipher the killer’s clues, get his man and bring closure to grieving families, all while learning things about himself and his relationships.

When Matt’s sister is murdered while visiting him in Miami, he becomes obsessed with finding her killer. An investigative journalist, Matt has a leg up on searching for details. When the police don’t take him seriously, Matt heads to Paris to investigate a murder that he believes is related to his sister’s death. Although skeptical at first, French detective Eve becomes a believer as she helps Matt. It becomes apparent that they are tracking an international serial killer who poses his victims in historic sites and leaves musical clues at the site of each murder. (POCKET, Aug., 391 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan