The suspense totally
captivates in this seamlessly plotted novel in which life imitates art for a suspense writer. But the driving force in making this a superior thriller is the fact that the author keeps the reader guessing the killer's identity until the last pages uncover his sinister plot.

Gillian McBride is a mediocre suspense writer living in Seattle and struggling to support herself and her teenage son, Ethan, after her husband disappeared two years ago. When murders start occurring, and the scenario mimics the plots in her books, Gillian becomes frightened, especially since she was acquainted with some of the victims. Her fear is heightened by the presence of a mysterious stalker whom she believes may be hunting for her missing husband. But her greatest angst occurs when she senses that she can trust no one, and she fears that her son may become the killer's next target. (pinnacle, Jan., 443 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick