The latest in Kelly's hilarious Derryville series is a deliciously madcap adventure filled with the sexy and the zany. Series fans will enjoy catching up on all the Derryville gossip, and newbies are sure to be hooked on this out-of-the-ordinary small town and its charmingly eclectic population.

The murder-mystery reality show "Killing Time in a Small Town" invades idyllic Derryville and when the town gets a whiff of Hollywood, everyone becomes a little bit crazy.

One Derryville resident who is not happy about this turn of event is Mick Winchester. The show brings back his worst nightmare—its assitant producer, Caroline Lamb. Caroline walked out of Mick's life eight years ago, but she still stirs memories of tangled sheets, sweet sensuality, and a heartache Mick would rather forget.

The tv show has turned into one gigantic headache for Caroline. And then there's Mick, sending her traitorous body into sensual overload and tempting her heart in a most unexpected way. Will this man, who is every woman's bad-boy dream, become her real reality?

And then a real corpse appears on set, and all bets are off!

(Aug., 304 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mitchell