Image of A Killing Touch (Sensory Ops)


Image of A Killing Touch (Sensory Ops)

A Killing Touch holds more promise than it delivers. Duncan creates a unique murder mystery that would be truly intriguing if it were more fully developed. Instead, the novel is focused on the romantic relationship between the main characters: journalist Lana and FBI agent Aidan. While this relationship is interesting, albeit a bit immature in their love/hate dilemma, the novel would benefit from diving deeper into the details of the murder case they are investigating.

Lana Quinn has uncovered a serial killer with a unique way of killing: poison by touch. When she approaches the FBI with her information, she is partnered with Aidan Burgess, her one-time lover and current nemesis. Together they develop their relationship — both emotionally and sexually — while hunting for the killer. However, when Lana becomes the next target, it looks like time may be running out. (SAMHAIN, Mar., 224 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Sarah Frobisher