After nearly getting killed a year ago during a botched assassination attempt, the legendary hitman Monk has been lying low. He is now back in business and this time it is not just money motivating him. Monk has fallen under the spell of a true femme fatale, Jilly Delaney.

Jilly is a sociopath. She has an estranged daughter, Avery, whom she abandoned to be raised by her sister, Carrie, and their mother, Lola. When Avery was 11, Jilly and then-boyfriend Dale Skarrett tried to kidnap her. As a result, Avery was shot and severely beaten and Lola was killed. Skarrett is now in prison and Jilly supposedly perished in a car crash.

Now an adult, Avery works as an analyst with the FBI. When Carrie's husband arranges for her to go to a Colorado resort called Utopia, Carrie convinces Avery to join her—but Monk is waiting.

Former CIA Agent John Paul Renard has tracked Monk for over a year, ever since Monk tried to kill his sister. John Paul traces Monk to Denver and manages to find Avery before he does. Can John Paul and Avery find a way to save the others and stay alive themselves?

KILLJOY is the scorching hot sequel to last year's bestseller Mercy. John Paul and Avery are a winning duo who are forced to trust in each other and their own unique abilities. Gripping and action-packed, this is sure to be another major hit for the oh-so-talented Ms. Garwood. (Sep., 401 pp., $25.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith