Image of Kincaid's Hope


Image of Kincaid's Hope

A quiet, backwater town is the setting for intrigue, deception and betrayal in this exceptional sophomore offering. Greene’s ability to pull the reader into the story and emotionally invest them in the characters makes this book a great read.

Beth Kincaid’s life is complicated. Newly fired and desiring to distance herself from her cloying fiancé, who is asking her for the severance she didn’t receive, she returns to her hometown to find comfort from her guardian. She arrives in Preston, only to discover Maude has passed away and bequeathed her the home where she grew up. She is reunited with Michael, for whom she has mixed feelings. He was good friends with her brother, who was killed in an automobile accident that also killed her mother. But Beth’s desperate fiancé follows her to Preston and becomes furious when she breaks their engagement. The more she learns about Michael, she realizes he has an agenda as well. As events unfold in the town, Beth’s life is in danger. (TURQUOISE MORNING, Jan., 296 pp., $13.99)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown