Sizemore's interesting book has
a male-chauvinist hero who's still endearing and good use of fey folk. The points of view head-hop at times, but readers should be able to follow the Highland warrior and a modern-day engineer's journey of conflict,
emotions and romance.

Maddy is swept off an airplane back to 13th-century Scotland, where she's ordered to marry the Laird of the Murray clan. When she refuses, Rowan takes matters into his own hands. Maddy finally agrees to a hand-fast marriage with a loophole, but the lust in her bridegroom's eyes sends fear through her virginal body, and insecurity abounds when she wonders how a man so fair of face and with a body so brawn could want an Amazon woman like her.

Rowan is incensed at being forced to marry. The lusciously formed stranger with copper hair refuses his command, and Rowan must woo her to gain her agreement. Both Maddy and Rowan find their married life an exercise in frustration as they learn to trust, love and fight together to save the Murray clan from a man who vows he'll be king someday. (Cerridwen, Jun. '07, 288 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith