Marcus, the owner of Laguna Vista, knows that the ghosts of Isadora (aka Izzy), James and his grandfather Jonas Van Buren are still hanging around. A mysterious photo comes to light of a man Izzy and her friend, Grace, met one summer. He bears an amazing resemblance to Rufus, Marcus' assistant. Rufus' job is to get Izzy to open up about this man.

Shortly after he arrives, Rufus suffers a fall from a ledge that causes him to relive the 1920s, when Izzy and Grace were alive. Oddly, Rufus appears to be the mystery man. Is this a dream? All Rufus knows is that he must find his way back to his own time; to do that, he must solve the mystery of what he's doing in 1923.

An exceptionally imaginative sequel to Scandalous Spirits, this is an excellent combination of ghost story, time travel, romance and mystery. Some familiar characters return, and some fascinating new ones are added. A not-to-be-missed paranormal romance. (Apr., 224 pp., $13.75)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley