Image of King of the Damned: A League of Guardians Novel


Image of King of the Damned: A League of Guardians Novel

Caught between realms of light and dark, the Guardians’ vow to protect the boundary between dominions places them on the front lines of dangerous conflict. Rowan is one powerful witch, whose combative style creates friction with those around her, including Azaiel, the fallen. This exciting, riveting tale draws the reader in with its dark, edgy feel. In dire circumstances, you’d want Rowan and Azaiel at your back!

After her grandmother Cara is murdered, Rowan James knows that it is time for the final showdown with the demon lord Mallick. Since the Salem witch trials, Mallick has targeted the James coven and now Rowan, who carries his mark, knows it’s up to her to stop him. Since Cara was part of the League of Guardians, a fellow Guardian, Azaiel, has been dispatched to catch her killer. After meeting Rowan and discovering the coven’s secret, Azaiel realizes matters are more complex and deadly than even they knew. Although neither is looking for love, Azaiel and Rowan can’t deny the explosive attraction between them. (AVON, Dec., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith