Image of King of Storms


Image of King of Storms

Scott brings the memorable characters from her previous novels together in an exciting adventure romance designed to showcase her storytelling and love of history. Even though there are moments when the story slows, the vivid details of the search for both a Templar treasure and the Scottish Stone of Destiny (aka The Stone of Scone), along with a lively love story, add up to an exhilarating novel.

As the youngest Macleod sister, Sidony is a woman of dignity, grace and courage. She's respected by the men of the family, her sisters' husbands and the clan. Then Captain Sir Giffard Maclennan arrives on a mission to locate a long-lost Templar treasure. As a warrior, Giff expects to be obeyed, especially by a mere slip of a girl, but Sidony is different. She makes him calm and nervous at the same time, and he arouses her anger and passion.

Giff's mission becomes entangled with the hunt for the Scottish king's Stone of Scone. An involvement with the sister of the men he must work with could spell disaster. The spark of desire that flashes between them flares up -- and brings Sidony and Giff together into the search for the relic. On land and sea they band together to save the clans -- and their love. (Warner Forever, Aug., 448 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin