Image of The Kingdom (The Graveyard Queen Series)


Image of The Kingdom (The Graveyard Queen Series)

Sometimes, the most terrifying tales don’t have anything to do with the paranormal but with the twisted things people can do to each other. Slide in the creep factor associated with seeing the dead and a pro like Stevens gives you a story to keep you up far into the night. This series second is visceral, heart-rending and fascinating as Amelia discovers the depths of her strength — and her vulnerabilities.

Amelia Gray is called the Graveyard Queen for her precision in restoring the charm and elegance to graveyards and now she’s been called to restore a neglected cemetery in Asher Falls, S.C. She knows there’s something going on and she is drawn to the sunken cemetery at the bottom of Bell Lake. Then there’s the grave, isolated, hidden and lovingly tended on the hillside near a mysterious cave. Amelia can feel the evil miasma hanging over Asher Falls but she’s not sure if the inner disturbance she feels is that or the budding awareness of her own past that she’s slowly discovering. (MIRA, Apr., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper