Josie Litton introduced us to the magical kingdom of Akora and Princess Kassandra in Dream Island. Now Kassandra, the daughter of a warrior king and passionate princess, faces adventure and danger.

Kassandra has dreamed of England, but she also has visions of a handsome man who haunts her waking moments. When she meets her brother-in-law, Royce, Earl of Hawksforte, she senses that he is the man of her dreams.

Always intrigued by Akora, Royce made the journey to find the hidden kingdom. Though he was imprisoned because no outsider is allowed there, his memories of the island kingdom and his concern for its safety are never far from his mind.

From their first meeting there is a powerful sexual attraction between Kassandra and Royce that heats up as they discover a grave danger to Akora's safety, but an outsider and an Akora princess are an unusual pair.

Sweeping from England to the exotic island kingdom, Royce and Kassandra work to unmask the traitor while trying to hold on to their fragile and forbidden love. A magical setting juxtaposed with the Regency world makes for a tantalizing and exciting read from a powerful storyteller.

Though there is not as much witty repartee, sizzling sensuality or battling of wills as in her previous tales, the tension and suspense hold interest from beginning to end. There is no doubt that Ms. Litton knows how to tell a compelling story. SENSUAL (Jul., 374 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin