Image of The Kingdoms of Dust (The Necromancer Chronicles)


Image of The Kingdoms of Dust (The Necromancer Chronicles)

The third book in Downum’s Necro-mancer Chronicles is a fast-paced and compulsive read. Isyllt is a complicated and prickly protagonist who has flaws as well as strengths. The secondary characters are also well rounded and their conflicts and alliances feel solid and real. Fans of this series will find much to enjoy, as will new readers.

In exile, former spy and necromancer Isyllt Iskaldur is harried by assassins and so she flees to Assar, one of the empires she tried to undermine. The peace in Assar is uneasy, with warlords wreaking havoc in the deserts and political maneuvering threatening the empress. Ancient spirits stir in the deep desert. Isyllt and her companions venture to confront the spirits and, if possible, put them to rest. En route, they will encounter fabulous beasts, vicious bandits and an order of mages whose mission is to contain the spirits, no matter what the cost. (ORBIT, Mar., 416 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Natalie A. Luhrs