Image of The Kingmakers (Vampire Empire)


Image of The Kingmakers (Vampire Empire)

The Griffiths’ awesome steampunk fantasy trilogy ends with the most amazing bang ever, as the blood of two species spills as they vie to rule Earth. Readers will remember these beguiling characters, rendered in eloquent detail, long after the novel ends. And while the romance between a human empress and her vampire prince consort amidst an inter-species war may seem improbable, the authors’ artful storytelling makes for entirely believable, delightful reading.

The war against the vampires is escalating: Humans continue to make small gains, and it’s up to Empress Adele, her army and Gareth, the Greyfriar, to destroy the Vampire Empire. But they’ll have to contend with Gareth’s ruthless brother, Cesare, and his allies as he tries to seize the Vampire throne. With spies and traitors hidden within their ranks, Adele and Gareth don’t know whom to trust. Will they survive to see the dawn of a new era? (PYR, Sep., 374 pp., $17.95)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Haupt