Elsbeth is running away from marriage and into St. Johns wood when she meets her betrothed, Roger, posing as a monk. She allows him to lead her to the convent where she plans to take vows.

But Elsbeth is not meant for the religious life and when her uncle and the king arrive, she is given to Roger as his bride. In retaliation, Elsbeth does her best to make the journey home miserable for Roger. However, once she begins to deal with her fate, she cannot help wondering what life with him will be like.

Roger is fascinated by Elsbeths fiery spirit and desires her more than he wants her wealthy dowry lands. He wants to find a way to prove that to her even as intrigue swirls around them.

Though the plot isnt new, in BY KINGS COMMAND, the appealing characters and careful attention to historical detail will more than satisfy medieval romance fans. SENSUAL (Mar., 257 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin