Image of The King's Damsel


Image of The King's Damsel

Basing her latest novel on a letter relaying that Henry VIII claimed a mistress while wed to Anne Boleyn, Emerson cleverly captures their affair and the woman who caught the king’s eye. Emerson’s handling of the tumultuous period, and rendering of Henry’s personality, enables readers to believe they are there, watching the events unfold and entering her characters’ minds. Emerson delights Tudor fanatics.

Upon her father’s death, Tamsin Lodge is placed in Princess Mary’s service by her guardian. Tamsin’s kind nature leads to her becoming Mary’s confidante as the princess’s mother’s marriage to Henry disintegrates. Tamsin agrees to go to court, where she will be Mary’s eyes and ears to Anne Boleyn’s rise to power. It is also where she catches Henry’s eye. Tamsin must accept the king’s advances; she has no choice but to become his mistress. Using her wit and wiles Tamsin manages to evade Anne’s vicious schemes and seize her freedom — a rarity in the Tudor court. (GALLERY, Aug., 384 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin