Image of The King's Grace: A Novel


Image of The King's Grace: A Novel

Focusing on a little known historical personage, Smith creates a dramatic reimagining of the mystery of the little princes during a turbulent period of history. Intelligent, compelling and engaging, her novel is lively, believable historical fiction with a heroine readers will take to their hearts.

The illegitimate daughter of Edward IV, Grace Plantagenet has been a member of the royal family, especially close to her half brothers Prince Edward and Prince Richard, who were imprisoned in the tower by their uncle Richard III.

After Richard's death Grace mourns the princes' disappearance, until a young man, Patrick Warbeck, claims to be Prince Richard, challenging Henry VII's claim to the throne. If Warbeck is Richard, the rule of Henry will end, so Grace begins her own search for the truth. (TOUCHSTONE, Mar., 608 pp., $16.95)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin