Blair’s latest will sweep readers back in time to medieval Scotland, a world of court intrigue and undeniable passion. The characters are well-written, witty and completely human both in their flaws and their strengths. Futhermore, he romance that grows between Britt and Genny is both passionate and compelling. Although some readers may find the antiquated language confusing, the emotional connections that exists at the heart of this medieval romance makes it a read to remember.

Britt MacKinnon, the captain of the king’s guard, has a new mission: bring Lady Greer Armstrong, the king’s mistress, back to court. Greer left Edinburg citing an family emergency, and Britt has the dubious honor of retrieving her — despite the fact that he believes that her presence in the king’s bed threatens the Scottish line of succession. What no one knows is that Greer left court because she was pregnant with the king’s bastard … and that Greer has a secret twin named Geneen.

Geneen Armstrong doesn’t know what to do when the fierce Scottish soldier arrives on her doorstep calling her by her sister’s name. She does know that Greer’s life is in danger, and she impulsively pretends to be Greer and accompanies Britt back to court. There Genny hopes she can protect Greer, but what will happen when Genny admits that she's drawn to the strong, brave captain who thinks she is someone else? (SAMHAIN, July 2011, dl. $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Lizzie Poteet