Adrien MacLachlan cannot trust his wife, Danielle d'Aville. Her land and title were conferred on him by King Edward III and perhaps her loyalty still lies with the French king.

Though born in England, Danielle had been raised in the beautiful French countryside by her lovely mother. She knew that King Edward had some kind of control over her family, but never imagined he would arrive and change her life forever; for it is the king's pleasure that she and Adrien wed.

Since he was a mere lad, Adrien has been Edward's loyal servant, risking his life time and again for his king and willing to honor each of his commands, but now he asks too much; marry the green-eyed witch who is nothing but trouble.

THE KING'S PLEASURE is a classic story of love vs. loyalty, a spirited battle of wills that ignites into a blazing passion-all set against the colorful backdrop of Edward III's campaign against the French King Jean.

Caught between their passions and honor and duty, both Adrien and Danielle take great risks, and defy all to claim the love of a lifetime. This is the kind of story Shannon Drake tells with master strokes of her pen, writing fast, dagger sharp repartee, incorporating fascinating historical details (from battles to court intrigues) and adding a memorable romance to the picture. Read and enjoy! SENSUAL (Apr., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin