In this second installment of Byrd’s series about the sexy King brothers, readers are treated to the intense, funny affair between the second King brother, Xavier, and his new bartender. There are secrets about to be uncovered and waiting for the other shoe to drop is half the fun. The other half is that cousin Quentin is back and hopefully he’ll find his own happy ending next. He deserves one!

When Xavier hires Cheryl to tend bar at his club, she can’t tell him that she’s working undercover to expose a drug-trafficking operation, but her cop’s instincts tell her that he is not their target. The other characters in this drama are linked to both lovers and connect seamlessly when all of the secrets are revealed. Will Cheryl have time to expose the real culprits before her cover is blown and her growing love affair with Xavier is destroyed? Trust becomes the biggest issue and there is plenty of steam between these two to give the reader a reason to root for their happiness. (KIMANI/ARABESQUE, Jul., 304 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins