Making a cranky and violent harpy into a compelling heroine is no easy task, but Harrison succeeds brilliantly in her new Elder Races novel, Kinked. To date Aryal has not been a very likable character, but she has always been fascinating. Quentin, on the other hand, has been more appealing but a complete mystery. The hatred between these two is palpable and sets up an explosive story that has all the hallmarks of a fabulous Harrison novel: epic adventure, passion and emotional character connections.

Aryal the harpy has been on a mission to take down new sentinel Quentin Caeravorn for years but has been unable to find any evidence against him. Quentin does have deeply buried secrets and a dark side, but has covered his tracks well. When their blood feud spawns a vicious fight at Cuelebre Tower, Dragos, Lord of the Wyr, banishes them, sending them on an assignment to the Elven land of Numenlaur. Quentin and Aryal will either kill each other or find a way to work as a team. What they discover upon arrival changes everything, and now they are in a fight for their very survival. (BERKLEY SENSATION, Nov., 304 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith