A stand-alone short story in the popular Serendipity series, “Kismet” is a great introduction to Phillips’ sexy, yet emotion-filled writing. Lissa and Trevor get together quickly, but they don’t need a lot of time to learn that their feelings for each other are real. The chemistry between the two positively sizzles, as do the numerous bedroom scenes. But beyond Lissa and Trevor's physical connection, the author also infuses the story with realistic hardships that add dimension to the characters. Overall this is a fast read that will have readers wanting to return to Serendipity to see which of the townsfolk is next in line for a happily ever after.

Elisabetta Gardelli and Trevor Dane were sweethearts in high school, but they broke up after a stupid fight. The split became permanent when Lissa accidentally got pregnant by golden boy Brad and they married. Ten years later, Lissa is divorced from her philandering husband and doing her best to support herself and her daughter by working as a freelance journalist. Lissa is taken aback that her new assignment is all about Trevor. The boy she left behind all of those years ago has become a huge success, but there has always been one thing missing from Trevor’s life — Lissa. He has never forgotten her and longs for a second chance at happiness. However, loving someone from afar is easy; dealing with the more difficult parts of creating a mixed family is much more difficult. (INKWELL, Nov., dl., $0.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne