The fairie princesses of D'Naath are each fated to marry kings from different regions. Noele marries first and is very happy. Younger sister Solara meets Roarke, and the two develop strong feelings for one another, but Solara cannot act on them because she's fated to marry a southern king. Roarke knows the dangers facing the fairies and why alliances between the north and south must take place. But when Solara visits Noele, Roarke finds the battle to ignore his passion impossible to bear.

Fiery Fate is an emotional story, sizzling with amazing passion. Though duty and honor should surpass powerful desires, the sensuality and love shared between Roarke and Solara comes with a highly rewarding solution. As always, Burton has the ability to draw her readers into whatever world she creates. (dl $5.20)
Reviewed by: 
Robin Taylor