Stubbornness mixed with intense sex and a hint of insecurity give Noele and Garick a three-dimensional spark. Unfortunately, the climax is confusing and a tad overdone, reducing its dramatic punch. The ending is satisfactory and, hopefully, the sequels will be just as enjoyable as this Kismet debut by Jaci Burton.

Noele, Faerie princess of D'Naath, is destined to marry Garick, the Elvin King of Winterland. Promised to Garick since birth, Noele has led an independent, carefree life. But as the Winter Solstice approaches, she must give up her freedom for a life of duty and combine her lands with Garick's to protect themselves against evil wizards. Strong, independent characters elevate this story above the average "war of wills." (dl $4.95)
Reviewed by: 
Charlene Alleyne