After a fire leaves him both physically and mentally scarred, Morgan St. James, Viscount Barlowe, lives a well-ordered, if reclusive, life until he meets Julia Prentisse.

As the writer of a column titled The Tattler for the London Review newspaper, Julia has been receiving letters from Lazarus, the arsonist responsible for the fire that changed Morgans life and affected other members of the aristocracy.

Julia, with her lush figure and flame-red hair, offers Morgan a proposition of marriage along with the offer of finding Lazarus. He accepts, but soon finds his wife has a tendency to upset his orderly life and his peace of mind.

But in doing so, she makes him feel alive. They realize that Lazarus is a member of the aristocracy, and might even be someone they know, which puts them in danger. Working together to uncover the arsonists identity, Julia finds herself falling in love with Morgan. Underneath this bitter cynical man with a rapier wit, she sees a soul in torment.

Though passion crackles between them, it is not enough, for she must find a way to bring him out of the flames of fire and into the blinding light of love.

Ms. Lynne weaves her magic to bring the reader a bit of poignancy along with a sexually charged romance in this very satisfying historical romantic suspense. Find a place for this one on your special shelf. SENSUAL (Aug., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond