In this very unusual story, readers are taken from the past to the present in alternating chapters. The scenes in historical England as well as in contemporary times give readers deep insights into the characters’ motivations and feelings. While the story’s short length means some questions go unanswered, Adam and Eva’s compelling dilemma is intriguing. Not everyone would make the choices that these characters make, but it is hard not to root for these star-crossed lovers.

Adam Winterwood was thrust into the position as Earl at a young age which causes him to neglect his responsibilities. When a young girl is hurt on the Winterwood estate because of Adam’s carelessness the girl’s grandmother, a witch, curses him to live as a statue. Adam is allowed out of his suspended animation only one week a year.

Two hundred years later, starving artist Eva Diakou agrees to take the job of a house girl at Winterwood even if it means four months on the rural estate without contact with the outside world. Once Eva arrives, she gets paired up with a handsome stranger, Adam, so they can get better acquainted. Not liking the implications of her “job”, Eva decides to leave. However, after a bit of investigation, Eva realizes Adam is cursed and she decides to stay. Eva wants to help the generous and loving Adam break the witch's curse. But when doing so calls for Eva to make a sacrifice, Adam is willing to give up his own future to let Eva go. Will these lovers be able to find happiness together? (EVERNIGHT PUBLISHING, May 2011, dl., $4.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne