Image of With This Kiss (Emerald Lake Novel)


Image of With This Kiss (Emerald Lake Novel)

A delightful, romantic, emotional visit to Emerald Lake. There are many familiar faces as well as some new ones it’s pleasurable to become acquainted with, and just a touch of the paranormal. Unfortunately, the timeline is a bit off, and Stu’s “secret” is obvious and predictable.

Sean Murphy returns to Emerald Lake for his brother Stu’s wedding, only to discover it’s been cancelled, and Stu is gone. Half-owner of the Emerald Lake Inn, he’s soon learning innkeeping from the inn manager and Stu’s former fiancée, Rebecca Campbell. While Sean’s grandmother reveals the story of her romantic past, his parents struggle with a crumbling marriage and the mystery of where their younger son is, Sean must come to terms with the fact that the secret he shares with his mother may destroy his relationship with Rebecca. For Rebecca, the secret Stu had her promise to keep, the ghost that haunts her bedroom, the maple tree festival and the fact that she is in love with the damaged Sean, is certainly keeping her busy. (FOREVER, Mar., 400 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley