Almost agonizing anticipation seems to be the theme of the latest novella from James. Not only must readers wait three weeks for the end to this sweet and touching story, since Avon is releasing it in three parts, we also watch in empathy as James' endearing heroine suffers through years of unrequited love. Fortunately, the wait is definitely worth the payoff — a sizzling, emotional end that will leave readers sighing. Filled with lovable, familiar faces and the relatable tension of family dynamics, this little book satisfies in a big way, with everything a romance reader could want.

Since she was a little girl, Lady Grace Ryburn, the daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Ashbrook (from The Ugly Duchess) has gotten into childhood scrapes with Colin Campbell, the adopted son of Sir Griffin Barry and his wife Phoebe (from Seduced by a Pirate). But when Grace is 14, Colin returns from his first year in the Navy. She takes one look at him in his dashing uniform and falls immediately in love. When he again sets off to sea, the two begin a correspondence, and though Colin’s letters are brief and infrequent, Grace’s witty letters and magnificent paintings help Colin stay sane amid death and destruction. But Lady Grace has always played second fiddle to her beautiful, charming younger sister Lily, and it appears love is no exception. Who will Colin choose? (HARPER COLLINS PUBLISHERS, Mar., dl. $.99 per part)

*Web Exclusive Review*

EDITOR'S NOTE: This review is for parts 1, 2 and 3 of the novella "With This Kiss."

Reviewed by: 
Audrey Goodson Kingo