Mourning the recent death of her grandmother, Marnie Wright decides to stay in her old cabin one last time. With her Great Dane, Duchess, at her side, Marnie hikes into the remote Sierras and stumbles across another seemingly deserted cabin.

Former covert T-FLAC operative Jake Dolan has made this isolated mountain his home. Though his cabin looks dilapidated on the exterior, underneath Jake has built an impenetrable underground fortress.

When his cameras pick up the petite woman with her enormous dog, Jake is not too happy. Who is she and why is she on his mountain? Despite his attempt to drive her out, Marnie cheerfully refuses to be intimidated. The point becomes moot when Jakes past suddenly appears in the form of a deadly strike team. Now Jake, Marnie and Duchess need to find a way to stay alive and discover who wants Jake dead and why?

Romance, adventure and humor make this book a true keeper. I predict that Ms. Adair will discover quite a large audience for her brand of storytelling! (Sep., 320 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith