Image of Kiss of Blarney


Image of Kiss of Blarney

This clever tale is entertaining, but gives away the ending early on. Ula and Shay play well off one another, and her attempts at magic make for some humorous moments.

When Ula stumbles into a bar on a snowy evening, she gets everyone’s attention, especially Shay Devlin’s. He protects her from some lecherous bagpipers, then takes her home. Ula has an agenda of her own. She wants to “borrow” Shay’s wolfhound to rescue her druidess friend Meara from the grasp of a dragon. Ula remembers portions of spells Meara taught her and manages to control the dog and make Shay fall in love with her. The love spell works in reverse and she finds herself dealing with emotions she’s only read about. After they make love, she immobilizes Shay and sets out to rescue Meara. Shay’s in for a few surprises of his own. (CRESCENT MOON, Mar., 144 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown