Image of Kiss of Crimson -- 2007 publication


Image of Kiss of Crimson -- 2007 publication

A culture war is beginning, and the
casualty count may be high in this gut-wrenching new paranormal series by hot talent Adrian. By combining hot sensuality with emotional drama and high-stakes danger, she ensures that her latest is terrific supernatural entertainment.

As a Breed Warrior, Dante has spent most of his life protecting both humans and the rest of the Breed population from Rogues whose addiction to bloodlust threatens them all. Then the Warriors receive disturbing news: Many young people have disappeared and appear to be falling prey to a new designer drug called Crimson.

Tess Culver is a veterinarian with very special healing talents that she's spent a lifetime concealing. Her first glimpse into a dangerous world comes when she finds a severely wounded man at her clinic. Dante's already used Tess' blood to save himself when he discovers that she's a potential breedmate. With a dangerous war just starting, how can Dante expose Tess to such horror? He has little choice, for it turns out that Tess knows the creator of Crimson. (DELL, Jun., 416 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith