When his sister Emily runs away, Tristan Knight, the Earl of Ellington, seeks out the Viscountess Rotherby's help. He's heard rumors about Dierdre's scandalous past and hopes she'll help him find his sister.

Dierdre reluctantly agrees to assist Tristan in searching London's slums, an area she is all too familiar with. It is a risk for Dierdre to return to the hovels of her childhood and to face the man who once controlled her life and now holds Emily in his hands.

Posing as a servant, Dierdre leads Tristan into hidden dens of London's underworld, where they are caught up in a murder. Their path leads to Emily, the Rag-Tag Gang and Dierdre's nemesis, Barnaby Flint, but strangely enough, it also leads to love.

Logan's debut is a captivating story with unforgettable characters, most especially the Rag-Tag Gang, a portrait of London's stews and a nod she gives to Dickens. Look out for more from a bright new talent. SENSUAL (Mar., 380 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin