Meryl Sawyer's latest novel A KISS IN THE DARK delivers all that and much more. An exciting read.
All the hallmarks of this award-winning author's work are present in this intensely emotional, complex and riveting tale.

Columnist Royce Anne Winston's entire life will be changed forever by an unexpected and, at the time, unwelcome kiss in the dark. Successful in her career and engaged to Brent Farenhold, the son of a wealthy and prominent family, Royce appears to have it all until the horrible night her world falls apart.

Royce knows that her future in-laws have no real use for her; they have their own candidate for daughter-in-law picked out, the oh-so-suitable Caroline Rambeau. But she never dreams that someone hates her enough to publicly frame her for theft, and then plant cocaine at her home.

Suddenly Royce is fighting for her life against unseen enemies who hold all the cards. Her only hope lies in hiring famed Defense Attorney Mitchell Durant. Royce and Mitch have a troubled past which culminated with the death of Royce's father, who decided to commit suicide rather than face prosecution by Mitch while he was in the District Attorney's office. Their sensual attraction to each other has not dimmed over the years, but the emotional baggage they each carry may prevent a lasting relationship.

When Caroline Rambeau is brutally murdered, Royce is once again the prime suspect. Time is running out for Royce, for if the legal system doesn't get her, the killer definitely plans to.

(Feb., 385 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith