Image of Kiss of a Dark Moon (Moon Chasers, Book 2)


Image of Kiss of a Dark Moon (Moon Chasers, Book 2)

Kohler charts a fascinating new course in the second book of her Lycan series. The interplay between these protagonists sets sparks off the page, and the unveiling of key secrets adds more layers and more possibilities to this series. Dark, deadly and sexy certainly sum
up this hero!

As a female Lycan hunter, Kit March has made herself a target to both the vicious Lycans and the NODEAL organization that hunts them. Rafe Santiago is a special agent for EFLA, the European Federation of Lycan hunters, and has been tasked with the job of eliminating both Kit and her brother Gideon, since EFLA is taking over the American NODEAL and they very much want Kit dead.

For her part, Kit is confused by her run-ins with Rafe. Instead of killing her, he's saved her a couple of times. Rafe knows the real reason why EFLA is so set on killing Kit, and he also knows he won't let that happen. The secret lies within their bloodlines, but will a resentful Kit be willing to listen? (POCKET, Oct., 340 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith