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In award-winning Sawyer's new thriller,
her hero and heroine
are trapped in the middle of a puzzling maze filled with sudden turns and blind alleys. The addition of several dogs
as secondary characters imbues this intense story with a big dollop of warmth. Sawyer's gift for building great and believable characters
makes the danger they face all
the more intense. Outstanding!

Despite his skepticism, cop turned P.I. Adam Hunter agrees to investigate if anything happens to his wealthy uncle, Calvin. So when his uncle dies two months later, Adam doesn't take the cause of death at face value. Starting over after a nasty divorce, Whitney Marshall takes over her cousin Miranda's dog-service route. Part of the job includes living in the caretaker's cottage on the now-deceased Calvin's estate and taking care of his prize-winning dog, Jasper.

When the caretaker's house is firebombed, Adam and Whitney assume the perpetrators were after Miranda, who's now missing. But who would be after her? Plus, there are still major questions surrounding Calvin's death and the state of his finances. Adam and Whitney are at the center of a brewing storm; if they can't chart a safe course, they may be swept away. (HQN, Jan., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith