Image of Kiss of Death: A Novel (The Kiss Trilogy)


Image of Kiss of Death: A Novel (The Kiss Trilogy)

This compelling romantic adventure takes place across centuries and throughout Europe as humans and vampires work together believably, strengthening each other’s faith as they struggle with questions of redemption and loyalty. The action is fast, furious and violent, interspersed with fascinating diary entries that are slowly revealed as the cousins translate pages, creating a rising excitement that doesn’t stop when the book ends.

In the second installment of Viguié’s Kiss trilogy, cousins Susan and Wendy continue their alliance with vampires Gabriel and Raphael to try to stop the evil vampire Richelieu from stealing Christian relics from their resting places throughout Europe. As Gabriel and Raphael make a physical pursuit, Susan and Wendy discover more about their family’s historical connection to the vampires by translating the 800-year- old diary of their ancestor, Carissa. (FAITHWORDS, Oct., 320 pp., $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kerry Sutherland