KISS OF DECEIT is a well-written thriller where the characters expose
their flaws and weaknesses. Ms. Rasey has real potential for suspense.

On her first murder case, Detective LeAnne McVeigh arrests the wrong man, Snake Gallego, for his wife's murder.

When Miranda Holliday is killed in a manner eerily similar to Jillian Gallego, Jillian's grave is desecrated and the cemetery caretaker is murdered.

LeAnne and her fellow officers fear they have a dangerous serial killer on their hands.This killer seems to be on the hunt for unfaithful wives, dishing out the ultimate punishment death.

Inevitably, LeAnne finds herself more and more enmeshed in a dark and tangled web where a killer lies in wait.

($3.95 dl, $9.95 cd)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith