Neither Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jackson Puller nor psychologist Cammy Glynn is happy with Jacksons upcoming news assignment. After Jacksons recent traumatic experiences in Bosnia, his boss thinks he needs to work on a less stressful assignment. Doing a series of articles on Dr. Glynns Wishing Star Foundation for deaf children is just the ticket.

Having grown up under the media spotlight because her late father was a U.S. Senator, Cammy is deeply distrustful of the press and its motives. But a higher profile could help stimulate much-needed donations for the Wishing Star Foundation. Despite their mutual prejudices, Cammy and Jackson are more than a little attracted to one another.

The warmth, joy and determination of the young children in the program quickly charm Jackson. Cammy is all too familiar with the difficulties that can face a hearing-impaired child. Until she had a cochlear implant at age 18, she herself was deaf.

The Wishing Star Foundation is not without its critics, however, and their criticism could cause problems. Both Jackson and Cammy are well aware of the negative firestorm that politics and the media can create from almost nothing.

Neesa Hart develops a beautiful love story built around the themes of forgiveness and overcoming the odds. A KISS TO DREAM ON is a wonderful read. (Jan., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith