Image of Kiss of Fire (Dragonfire, Book 1)


Image of Kiss of Fire (Dragonfire, Book 1)

Cooke, aka bestseller Claire Delacroix, dips into the paranormal realm with her sizzling new Dragonfire series. With a self-described loner as a hero, this heroine has to adjust to her new role in the supernatural and establish bonds of trust. Efficient plotting moves the story
at a brisk pace and paves the way for more exciting battles to come.

Recluse Quinn Tyrrell has long distrusted his fellow shapeshifting dragons, or Pyr. When his mating call arrives, he learns that he and his destined mate, Sara Keegan, are part of a prophecy that could get them killed.

Poor Sara thinks she's hallucinating when she's rescued from a killer by a dragon. While she's grateful and attracted to Quinn, that doesn't mean she's buying this whole destiny drama. But with rogue dragons trying to kill them, it may be hard to escape fate.

(SIGNET, Feb., 352 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith