Image of Kiss of Fury (Dragonfire, Book 2)


Image of Kiss of Fury (Dragonfire, Book 2)

Those sexy dragons are back in the second chapter of Cooke's exciting paranormal series, Dragonfire. The intriguing characters continue to grow and offer terrific opportunities for story expansion. Balancing a hormone-driven romance with high-stakes action can be difficult, but Cooke manages with ease. Visiting this world is a pleasure.

Having been burned by what he thought was love once before, Pyr dragon Donovan Shea is not interested in achieving his firestorm. But fate has different plans. In the ongoing battle between the Pyr, who want to save humanity, and the Slayers, who want to destroy it, legend tells of a wizard and warrior who will be instrumental in the fight.

Scientist Alexandra Madison is on the verge of a new invention that will change the world. Donovan is assigned to protect Alex and her invention after her lab is destroyed and her partner murdered. Discovering that Alex triggers his firestorm adds to the complications that he's trying to avoid, for the danger to both humans and Pyr is only just beginning.

(SIGNET ECLIPSE, Aug., 416 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith