Image of Kiss & Hell


Image of Kiss & Hell

Cassidy has created a
hilarious lead in Delaney Markham. Readers will
run through all types of emotions while enjoying laugh-out-loud moments, desperate passion, wacky and fun characters, pop-culture references and one intense mystery. The book's charm is apparent from the first page, but the twisted mystery tangled throughout
will keep the pages turning.

After a run-in with Satan, Delaney has been able to see ghosts for the past fifteen years.

With her usual power, finding love and friends has been rough. But Delaney fills her BFF slot with a demon named Marcella, who tries to do right, and a new demon, Clyde, who she just can't seem to make leave.

Clyde's been sent by Satan to torture Delaney, but according to Clyde, he doesn't belong in hell. Though cautious at first, Delaney soon begins falling for him -- and ends up part of one huge mystery.

(BERKLEY SENSATION, Jun., 352 pp., $15.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lauren Becker