Gwen Cassidy feels like Alice falling down the rabbit hole when she plunges into an underground cavern and lands on top of a gorgeous hunk of a Highlander.

A powerful spell has put Drustan MacKelter to sleep for 500 years, and it is only the sweet weight of Gwens body that awakens him. He has no idea that he is so far in the future, but this modern lass with her unseemly clothes and outrageous ideas intrigues and fascinates him.

When Drustan discovers his home is a crumbling ruin, he knows he must return to his time in order to save his clanand Gwen must return with him. Summoning ancient powers, Drustan sweeps them into the vortex of time, but tells Gwen that once there, he will not know her; she must somehow awaken their passion in order to rescue him from the spell.

Gwen believes in her task and her love for Drustan, but a malicious enemy thwarts her plans and time works against her.

In creating KISS OF THE HIGHLANDER Karen Moning has been guided not only by her own inventiveness but also by the laws of physics, bringing a scientific aspect to the romance of time travel. Here is an intelligent, fascinating, well-written foray into the paranormal that will have you glued to the pages. A must read! SENSUAL (Sep., 396 pp., 5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin