The appealing characters from Kiss Me Quick return in this sequel. Lady Francessa Epping has been openly in love with the Honorable Brixton Smythe-Medway since their preadolescence, but he's always been adamantly opposed to losing the freedom that he has as a bachelor. At the christening of the son of the last book's hero and heroine, Brix declares that Fanny is too quiet, sweet, boring and bland. In a previous wager, he bet that he'd not wed before age 50 and that he'd never marry Fanny.

When Fanny overhears this and talk of the now scandalously public wager, she plants a smoldering kiss on Brix in full view of his friends and bets him she can break his heart in six weeks. Over the next few weeks, she tries mightily to convince herself that this is only revenge for his making fun of her loving him so long.

The wager and counter-wager proceed, under the watchful eye of the ton, and are scrutinized by the insulted and concerned families of both. Fanny is forced to leave her brother's house—her only home—while Brix must return home to face his father and later must engage in a duel of honor with Fanny's brother. A not-to-be-missed Regency with just the right sensual spark, KISS ME AGAIN has humor to spare and an agreeably daring heroine. SENSUAL (Feb., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger