Image of Kiss Me Deadly


Image of Kiss Me Deadly

Branching out into the romantic suspense genre gives futuristic maestro Kearney another outlet for her storytelling prowess. Taut and filled with suspicion and danger, this exciting thriller has just the right mix of romance and chills.

Single mom Mandy Newman and her co-workers hit the jackpot, literally, when they win an enormous Powerball lottery. But Mandy's pleasure is tempered when she's attacked and the lottery ticket stolen, while one of her co-workers is murdered. Is someone trying to kill all the potential winners?

DEA agent Zack Taylor returns to Florida at the request of his mother and sister, who are also part of the winning lottery group. Fearing for their safety, he arranges for protection. Returning to Florida also brings Zack back into contact with Mandy, with whom he once shared a blazing one-night stand, the result of which is named Gabrielle. As the deadly attempts continue, Zack and Mandy try to put the pieces together -- for it seems that their friends and family have secrets, some of which may be deadly. (TOR, Jul., 326 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith