Clay McCashlin arrives in Shelby posing as Clay Reynolds, to discover who is stealing from McCashlin Enterprises. Kaitlyn Kileen is attracted to the handsome man staying in the apartment above her family's garage, but she has no intentions of staying in the sleepy little town; she wants to see the bright lights of Chicago and start her own design firm. As Clay works on the identity of the thief, he falls for Kaitlyn, but will she still want him when she knows the truth? Cynthia Rutledge's KISS ME, KAITLYN (2) doesn't work for several reasons. There simply isn't enough background to make you care about the characters; the entire story is built around the thief yet there's little resolution; plus, there is a back story about Kaitlyn's deceased brother that is never explained.

Reviewed by: 
Judith Rippelmeyer