Katherine Lark Jones returns to rural Idaho, in her spiffy Model T, a thoroughly modern woman on a mission to spread the message of the suffragette movement.

She charms her childhood pal, Ben Rafferty, into letting her write a column in his newspaper, The Homestead Herald. Katie's presence disrupts Ben's ordered life. He has thought his future all mapped out, that marriage to the minister's daughter is what he wants. Now he knows it's Katie he needs.

Though women in Idaho have the vote, Katie wants them to become involved in helping disenfranchised women gain the same status. The instant she begins to speak out, the troubles start.

When another reporter angers Katie, she declares her intention to run for Congress. On the very same day, Ben confesses his love and proposes. Though Katie loves Ben, she refuses, deciding to concentrate on her career.

On a trip to Boise they find themselves in a compromising situation and in order to save Katie's reputation, Ben tells everyone that they are married. When they reach town they are legally wed. But still Katie refuses to give up her campaign, creating a deep chasm between the two newlyweds.

KISS ME KATIE is a heart tugging read, a lovely way to pass a chilly evening as Ms. Hatcher transports her legion of readers back to the warmth of Homestead, where new friends and old await them with a welcoming embrace. SWEET (Nov., 344 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Frances L. Trainor